Hydraulic System for Bascule Bridge

Industry: Construction/Civil Engineering

This project involved the detailed design and construction of a semi-through steel box girder single leaf rolling bascule bridge driven by hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic power pack (HPU)was supplied by Hedley Hydraulics, who brought to site and installed the HPU along with welded construction hydraulic pipework.

Bascule BridgeHedley carried out the flushing of the pipework and associated hydraulic parts, working collaboratively with the bridge operator and electrical control systems to final commission and make ready the bridge for operational use.

The original bridge constructed around the 1930’s and provides a vital link in the area to the road network and facilitating access to the port. The customer planned to replace the original bridge and we were approached to supply the hydraulic system, parts and installation.

Hedley worked in conjunction with the customer to overcome any restrictions of the site such as working in a confined space and working to safety restrictions.

The bridge is successfully installed and the hydraulic system in place is working well to improve access between the two docks for our customer and local residents.